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Кинель, Демьяна Бедного, 44
Несколько раз приходила в это отделение Сбербанка в субботу (в будни не получается, приезжала специально из другого города по наследственному делу), и каждый раз одна и та же картина - шторка на входе слегка опущена и вывешено объявление о том, что банк временно не работает. В течение какого времени он не будет работать и по какой причине - непонятно. Что за сотрудники Сбербанка работают именно в этом отделении (больше нигде такого беспридела не встречала), что по субботам у них не рабочее настроение и они могут по собственному желанию устроить себе выходной, наплевав на очередь из ничего не понимающих клиентов, собравшихся под дверью? Вот по кучке таких отмороженных сотрудников и начинает, к сожалению, складываться мнение о Сбербанке в целом. Очень жаль, что кадры отбираются здесь так непрофессионально.
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герб Pervouralsk

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About Pervouralsk

Population: 125 ths
Founded: 1732
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 3420

Pervouralsk is the city in Sverdlovsk region. It’s located on the Chusovaya and Bolshaya Shaytanka Rivers, 46 km to the West from Yekaterinburg.

Date of foundation of Pervouralsk is considered to be December 1, 1732 when the Vasilyevsko-Shaytansky plant produced the first cast iron. Vasilyevsko-Shaytansky village was renamed Pervouralsk in 1920, which was granted the city status in 1933.

The remarkable fact is the 60th meridian east pass through Pervouralsk. The city is also located on a borderline between Europe and Asia.

The picturesque nature of outskirts of Pervouralsk leaves nobody indifferent. 70% of this territory is occupied by woods. And a range of sea cliffs on Chusovaya River is the nature sanctuaries. There are a lot of rivers, but it isn't lakes enough near Pervouralsk. Just one pond is situated within the city.

The industry is well developed In Pervouralsk. There are some large enterprises here.

Religious buildings of the city are the major architectural sights of it. One of them is a parish of the icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk located in Talitsa district. This is the one-storeyed brick-built temple with a belltower. It was erected in the late nineties the 20th century. The first church service took place on April 27, 2000. The temple has been consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Smolensk. The wooden St Nicholas the Wonderworker chapel in Talitsa village was burned down in 1929. The Icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk was the only thing that it was managed to rescue from a fire. It’s in the temple now. The Sunday school and children's orthodox television studio function at the church.

The temple in the name of Holy Great Martyr Catherine was built on Vainer Street In 2009. This is stone-built, one-storeyed, temple with a belfry with eleven bells. The temple holds one thousand persons.

As each city, Pervouralsk has its own monument to Vladimir Lenin. It’s located near the building of city administration. Some sights are located in the Square of frontier guards. These are: a monument to the residents of Pervouralsk who were harmed on the Chernobyl NPP, an infantry combat vehicle and a boundary post. A monument to school leavers who were lost in the Great Patriotic War is located on Stroiteley Street, near the school No. 9.

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