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герб Nevyansk


Фотографии многоквартирных домов, общественных и административных зданий и достопримечательностей

About Nevyansk

Population: 24 ths
Founded: 1701
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 711

Nevyansk is the town located in Sverdlovsk region. The town is situated on the Neiva River, 75 km to the north of Yekaterinburg.

Nevyansk is the first in the world factory town. It was founded in 1701 under Peter the Great decree.

Such works as mechanical, cement, brick function in the town. There is also furniture factory in Nevyansk.

Nevyansk has over 60 monuments of history and architecture. The main sight of Nevyansk is the leaning tower, which is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance. The tower was erected in the first half of the 18th century. The name of the architect is unknown. The reason of an inclination of the tower still also remains a riddle. One theory is that the tower has been constructed in such way advisedly: similar to the Tower of Pisa. According to other version, the inclination appeared under the influence of ground waters; and the construction of the tower has been completed taking this fact into account. There is also a legend according to that the inclination of the tower has been appeared as a result of flooding of cellars with all workers who struck false coins as auditor from Petersburg there had to arrive. The tower is nine-storyed; its height is 57.5 meters. Interestingly, the lightning discharger had appeared on the Nevyansk tower some years before it was designed by Benjamin Franklin.

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour is also an architectural monument of the town. It was built in Nevyansk in 1824 in style of late classicism. The cathedral was closed in 1932. The building was transferred to Nevyansk mechanical plant. But the cathedral was returned to believers again at the beginning of 2000. The archbishop Vikenty consecrated the cathedral in 2003. With height of 64 meters the belltower of the temple is the highest one in Sverdlovsk region.

There are many ancient houses in Nevyansk. This is, for example, merchant Nosov’s mansion, merchant Selyankin’s estate and others. Bronze monument to V. Lenin in Nevyansk is one of the first erected in the Urals. It was fixed up on Revolution square in 1925.

The first stone was laid in 2005 into the basis of new monument devoted to veterans of all wars located in Veterans’ square.

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