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About Degtyarsk

Population: 16 ths
Founded: 1914
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 748

Degtyarsk is the town in Sverdlovsk region located on the Vyazovka River, 65 km to the West from Yekaterinburg.

The population of this place was engaged in a birch bark tar chewing in the 19th century. Therefore the village appeared here in 1904 got the name Dyagtyarka (Bucket). The village was given the status of town in 1954.

There are many large enterprises working in the town.

Many buildings being now the real decoration of Degtyarsk have been constructed by the German prisoners of war as there was a concentration camp here at the end of the Great Patriotic War where the highest ranks of the Wehrmacht, CC, SD were kept. The main part of dwelling houses in the town was constructed in the 1950s–1960s. There is Small Lake between Klubnaya and Tsvetnikov streets; and two houses (Klubnaya St., 7 and Klubnaya St., 9) have the luck to stand on its shore.

The Degtyarsk Cultural center is located on Lenin Square. This is a building of the huge size decorated with white columns. The ceiling is decorated by paintings with the Soviet symbolic. The center of Culture was built according to the same project, as the Yekaterinburg Central Committee "Verkh-Isetsky". There is a museum of history of Degtyarsk and library inside.

Among many sights of the town there are monuments of military subjects (for example, a stele to the lost during Great Patriotic War located on the Kalinin street), devoted to mining history (a trolley "History of the copper mountain", located in the same place). The memorial to Sergey Safronov, the pilot who has made a brave deed, was erected on Kalinin Street in 2005. The plane of the German pilot-spy Harry Powers was brought down in Degtyarsk during May Day demonstration in 1960. Thus Safronov's plane could crash into crowd and carry away thousands human lives. But the brave pilot could take away his plane. Thereby it rescued people, but has been lost.

It’s interesting that the president of the USA Richard Nixon spent the childhood in Degtyarsk. He arrived to the Soviet Union with working visit and visited the hometown in 1959. Townspeople remember this event with pride.

There was a grandiose even on July 9, 2009 t: Degtyarsk was declared UNESCO world heritage town. It is the fourth Sredneuralsk town having such status.

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