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герб Sredneuralsk

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About Sredneuralsk

人口: 23 ths
成立年份: 1931
建筑物(房屋)照片: 1054

Sredneuralsk is the town in Sverdlovsk region. It’s situated on the bank of the Iset Lake, 15 km to the North from Yekaterinburg.

The Iset is most beautiful of lakes of Sverdlovsk region; it’s surrounded with mountains all around. Residents of Sredneuralsk built up a monument in honor of this lake. This monument is located on Naberezhnaya Street, near the cultural center. The phrase is written on granite: "The Iset Lake is a cradle of Sredneuralsk; will protect and store it".

There are some large enterprises in Sredneuralsk. Among them are: Sredneuralsk state power station, Sredneuralsk poultry farm. The big ironworks is located also in the town.

Cultural life of Sredneuralsk is provided by cultural center, where almost all important events of the town are held, the house of the children's creativity, three libraries and movie theater (film showing began here in 1938).

An important event in life of religious dwellers of the town is happened in March, 2011 – the temple of St Nicholas the Wonderworker has been consecrated. Construction of the temple began in 2001. The five-dome church of 32-meter height has been designed with a belfry, instead of a belltower. The church holds 500 persons.

There are many historical and archaeological sights hear Sredneuralsk. One of them is notorious Ganina Yama (Ganya’s pit). The bones of Nicholas the Second and his families were initially hidden in this pit. Ancient sites have been also found near the Iset Lake.

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